Favero PS-M Multisport Electronic Scoreboard

£625.00 each +VAT

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• Multisport scoreboard.
• Digit height: 9cm, easily visible for over 30m.
• Scores: From 0 to 199 per team.
• Fouls/Sets/Other: From 0 to 9 per team.
• Possession/Round: 1 luminous point per team.
• Periods: From 0 to 9.
• Timeout: 4 luminous points per team.
• Chronometer: from 00:00 to 99:59.
• Acoustic signal: Automatic to the end of time (if enabled) or manual, with 3 different types of sound & 3 levels of volume.
• Training mode: programming of sequences “action-pause” by the setting of the action time, pause time & number of sequences; useful for kick-boxing, boxing, fitness environments, etc.
• Casing: Light, resistant & easily transportable.
• Console with bright display behind the scoreboard for easy table use. Dirt-proof & waterproof membrane keyboard.
• Power supply: the PS-M is provided with a 100-240V/12Vdc AC power adaptor; the type of plug can be specified when ordering. Power can also be supplied using an optional external rechargeable battery.
• Weight: 3.6kg.
• Size: 55 x 35 x 9.5cm.